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We have many dogs and cats who need families and good homes. We take pride in caring for these animals until we can place them with loving individuals who will provide them with a lifetime of love and care.

For this reason, we usually do not adopt pets to anyone upon their initial visit. Persons who have an interest in a particular dog or cat, must fill out an adoption application. We will review the application, and check vet records if applicable, usually, within two days. Our goal is to ensure that we have a good match for both the adopter (family) and adopted (pet).

Please note that all current animals in the household must be up to date on vaccines before submitting an application.

Adoption Fees

12 months of less (any breed)  $325
Under 20 lbs as an adult, or a designer/purebred  $300.00
Over 20 pounds  $200

Senior (10+ years old)  $100


 Feral/Barn $30 (This is the cost of having a feral cat fixed at Humane Ohio) 

12 months or less $100

Adults   $85

Senior (10+ years old)  $70.  

 All of our dogs and cats available for adoption have received the following care:

  •  Have current vaccinations

  •  Have been treated for worms, fleas, ear mites and other parasites

  •  Have been spayed or neutered.              

  •  Dogs are on heartworm prevention.

  •  Microchipped (dogs).

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